2020 Travel Update

April 7 – 2020:

Due to the Coronavirus, AIST has postponed all 2020 summer tours for the safety of our passengers.  We will be working to refund all passengers who are unable to travel in 2021.  Although it may take some time, we will make every effort to give a full refund.  We appreciate your support and patience as we all work through these very difficult times.  Stay safe!


March 10 – Emails have been sent to all AIST select teams regarding your 2020 tour.  We will be following up with additional information an options available.  

Please give us some time to negotiate with our suppliers and reduce cancellation fees.  We provide you with the best possible service and available options in the next few weeks.  

Don’t Rush out and by insurance:  Read this first – https://www.roamright.com/claims/significant-travel-events/#assistance


(March 9, 2020):  AIST advises all passengers for 2020 tours to hold off on any plans for travel in 2020.  

We will be updating all groups within the next few days.  Information will be provided in detail soon.  Please hold off on booking any connecting flights or making any additional summer travel arrangements until AIST can confirm travel for your group.

Some recent news about travel and Coronavirus


(Posted March 5)

Coronavirus has become a scary word due to its constant presence in the news, but also due to misinformation being widely shared. It’s important to address the fears and concerns of your students and direct them to the proper channels for accurate information and preventative measures. Many people have been diagnosed with COVID-19, however for perspective it should be noted that the common influenza virus affects more people daily than coronavirus. Useful resources for you are the following:

•The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has published suggestions on how to reduce your risk of contracting the coronavirus. Please visit cdc.gov for details regarding prevention.

•The World Health Organization(WHO) continues to be a reliable resource for those concerned about travel and health risk. Please visit their site for an in-depth Q&A regarding traveling during this outbreak.

•For the most current details about travel warnings, restrictions and advisory information, please visit travel.state.gov.



Click here (Posted March 2, 2020)

AIST Travel Advisory 2020

AIST is first and foremost committed to the safety and well-being of all of our international athletes.  There is understandable fear about the potential for a broadening of the Coronavirus threat, both within the United States and internationally.  We want our athletes and their families to know that we are monitoring the situation closely and in close continuous contact with our long-standing, trusted partners in the various destination countries.  At this time, there is no indication that any of our trips will be interrupted either by Coronavirus risk or by international travel restrictions.  We will continue to provide updates as they are available and will notify you Immediately if there is indication of interruption any of our planned travel. 

What happens if AIST cancels my tour due to the Coronavirus?

There are no indications at this time that we will have to cancel for the coronavirus.  However, we will monitor the situation closely and advise passengers of any changes in the itinerary.  Below is a notice about the terms and conditions that you agreed to with AIST.  Full terms can be found here.

Changes in Itinerary:

At times there may be circumstances beyond the control of American International Sports Teams and our suppliers that necessitate revisions of the itinerary.  These revisions include tour dates, scheduled games and tours, and any other activity on the itinerary.  In the event of changes, we will make every effort to maintain the intent of the original itinerary.  Regardless of the cause, American International Sports Teams shall not be or become liable or responsible in any way whatsoever for loss, injury, or damage due to sickness, weather, strikes, war, quarantine, acts of terrorism and injury during the program events.   American International Sports Teams reserves the right to alter any part of the tour it deems necessary or advisable.  The additional cost resulting from such change shall be paid by the program participant.  Items listed as optional are not included in cost of trip.

What happens to my deposit?

In the event that we do have to cancel due to the Coronavirus, you would be subject to some cancellation fees.  In an effort to keep these two a minimum, we are negotiating with our airline suppliers and ground package partners to recover as much refund for you as possible.  If it is not possible to recover all funds, AIST will offer a discount for you to travel on a future AIST tour so that your investment with us will still be a value you can cash in on.  

What happens if I cancel my tour with AIST?

If you decide that you would like to cancel your tour with AIST you will be subject to the cancellation policy below. 

Cancellation / Refund Policy: 

The initial deposit at the time of registration is non-refundable unless otherwise stated.  After August 1 in the year prior to your departure, the minimum cancellation fee will be $500.  There are no exceptions for the cancellation fee. 

A cancellation fee equal to 50% of the total trip cost (land and air) will be assessed for cancellations between 130 and 110 days prior to departure.  A cancellation fee equal to 75% of the total trip cost (land and air) will be assessed for cancellations between 109 and 60 days prior to departure.  Cancellations made within 59 days of departure will receive no refund.  All cancellations must be confirmed by e-mail to AIST at info@aist.us.   AIST will do their best to eliminate cancellation fees whenever possible, this is dependent upon our suppliers and the timing of your cancellation of the tour.

Should I buy travel Insurance?

At this point, if you are trying to get coverage for Coronavirus you’re out of luck.  Insurance companies quit covering that on Jan 21 for the most part.  If you didn’t buy the insurance at the time when AIST recommended it which is within 14 days of your deposit, then you can hold off on purchasing any insurance right now.  From our understanding, it won’t have the same coverages as it would have if you would have bought it when recommended.  We still recommend getting some prior to departure for other reasons but please do contact the insurance companies to find out what you are getting.  We don’t have all the answers on what is going on with insurance at this time.