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Since 2002, AIST has been traveling the world with select players from across the country to competing in a variety of sports. The selection process is based on recommendations from coaches as well as statistical leaders from around the nation at all levels of college play. 

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Since 2002 AIST has continued to grow and develop relationships abroad which has given us an opportunity to provide top quality team trips or group tours from U12 levels to Post Graduate tours. We have done tours for Division I NCAA University through High School level.  

Our tours are full of quality, value, service and amazing experiences!

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AIST has produced tours in several different countries world wide in a variety of sports. We have the contacts and resources abroad to create tours in any country that has the sports to support your tour. In addition, we can set up training sessions with professional coaches or help countries to develop sports that are constantly growing by providing clinics with your team. Here are is a list of countries where we can build an experience of a lifetime for your team.

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Tours Highlights

AIST Invite
AIST selects players from across the country to represent the...
Arkansas State WVB Italy Tour AIST 2018
Arkansas State University women's volleyball team traveled with AIST to...


The fundraising options are only partners of AIST.
You will need to contact the companies below directly to start your campaign. We are providing you with these options to help you find some of the most successful ways to make your tour possible. It is each players responsibility to make sure they stay within the NCAA guidelines. AIST is not responsible for illegal fundraising efforts.

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Each athlete will receive:

  • 2 AIST USA Uniforms
  • Dri-fit AIST Tshirt
  • Under Armour drawstring back pack
  • 2 luggage tags
  • AIST water bottle

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