At Home Fundraising Ideas

Old School – Hand Delivered Letters (or emailed)

  • One of the easiest ways we have found for a player to raise money is with our fundraiser letter that you can download here. It’s best to make a list of as many friends, family, and businesses in your community and anyone else you can think of that would be willing to support you. Remember, with this list you are only trying to get small donations of $20-$50 per person. The bigger your list the better your response will be. We recommend putting a cover letter with it and including a stamped envelope with our address on it. This way you will make it convenient for them to make a donation. In your cover letter be sure to ask them to respond within two weeks so you can have a better idea of the response these letters will have for you. This process can be done in just a few hours and be very helpful financing your trip. We will send you a statement once a month by email so you can see who has donated for you. It will also have their mailing addresses so you can send thank you letters if you would like.


  • Sports Camps – host a sports camp for younger kids. We suggest asking the Athletic Director or Coach at your school if you can rent the sports facility to run a small camp. Advertise in the local paper and talk to as many local schools as you can. Charge the kids $30-$40 for a 2-3 hour camp or host a weekend camp for $25 per day. Several of our players in the past have raised thousands of dollars by doing camps throughout the winter. Kids will jump at the opportunity to work with college athletes. You can also ask local businesses to sponsor a tournament and provide T-shirts for your own personal camps.


  • Other Options people have used in the past:

a. Concerts – Have a local band sponsor you by playing at a party that you charge admission for. All proceeds go to you.

b. Bake Sale– A player in the past had several families in her church bake pies and then they auctioned them off at church.

c. Poker Tournaments – check your state for gaming rules on money tournaments.

d. Golf tournaments – Talk to a local golf club about running a tournament for you. Local sports stores sometimes donate gift cards or apparel for prizes. Charge $100 per person. Generally your profit will be 60%. Maximum for a golf tournament is 144 people (8 persons per hole). Possibility of raising over $8000.

e. 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament – Put together a tournament using your school’s gym as the facility.

f. Spaghetti Dinner – Check with a local restaurant or school cafeteria to see if they will sponsor a dinner for you.

g. Auction – Have local business donate gifts that you can sell at an auction.