Group Travel

Benefits of Traveling with AIST

We know you have several options to choose from when planning your international team trip. Here are a few reasons to consider AIST over other companies:

  • Attention To Detail – International trips require a lot of planning to run smoothly. We strive to have everything run perfectly while on tour. We are able to handle any changes or problems while keeping the integrity of your trip so that your team can enjoy their experience with no stress.
  • Honesty – When comparing your quotes and itineraries between AIST and other companies, please remember that we are not hiding anything. Nothing will be added later that isn’t explained clearly on our proposals. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples as we believe that the price of our tours is a better value than any of our competitors.
  • Quality – AIST maximizes your dollar by providing you with a very high level of service and quality before, during and after your tour. We want you to be comfortable throughout your experience with AIST. We do our best to provide the highest quality of hotels, transportation. food and service while on tour.
  • Leadership – Through its leadership and key industry alliances, AIST is one of the sports travel industry’s most influential sports travel organization. With partnerships in North. South and Central America, Europe, Asia, Australia, UK and Africa, AIST can provide you with everything your team desires. A local tour guide for language barriers and answering questions you may have about the areas you are traveling in. In addition, an AIST Tour manager to handle problems that may arise so you can continue to enjoy your tour.
  • Fun – Amazing sightseeing excursions and activities paired with your sport.
  • Team Unity – Nothing builds unity in a team like an international team trip! Learning about your teammates on tour is a great way to help your team come together and prepare for an upcoming season. Over the years we have learned that people change mainly for the better while on tour. These kinds of cultural experiences open peoples minds making them better people and more coachable!
  • Flexibility – Custom designed for your team to incorporate the things you want to do on tour.
  • Passion – We boast an experienced and dedicated Groups Department that has the knowledge, passion, and skill to provide your group with all the necessary elements to create a trip of a lifetime. Our friendly staff is available to assist you, whatever your needs may be. Let our passion for International travel create that life lasting memory for you and your team.
  • Professionalism – In a rapidly changing and competitive sports travel industry, American International Sports Teams (AIST) can provide travel professionals with a necessary global perspective through in-depth coverage of every aspect of travel, including airline, destination, hotel and ground tour operator.