The fundraising options below are only partners of AIST. You will need to contact the companies below directly to start your campaign. We are providing you with these options to help you find some of the most successful ways to make your tour possible. It is each players responsibility to make sure they stay within the NCAA guidelines. AIST is not responsible for illegal fundraising efforts.

Personalized Fundraising Letter

We know the financial hurdle can be a big factor in your decision to travel with AIST. We have provided some information below to help you make the opportunity possible. We have a fundraiser letter that you can use for free. We recommend using this letter along with a personal note and a stamped envelope to raise funds quickly and with many of your peers and family members. You can download the letter here!

AIST is currently working on a partnership with RallyMe fundraising.
For a great online option to reach your financial goal go to

Other Fundraising Options
Here are some great at-home fundraising options!