Passport Info

All passengers must provide a current passport

passport information

Every passenger is required to travel with a passport in order to leave the country. AIST collects this information to purchase airline tickets and for hotel security purposes. 

IMPORTANT: This form must be filled out correctly. Any errors could result in a change fee from the airlines. Please take your time and fill in dates and names accurately. Please remember that a valid passport must have 6 months remaining from your return date to be valid in most countries.

  • The group name is the name of the team you are traveling with. For example: Italy Basketball or Amsterdam Softball.
  • Must be exactly the same as your passport.
  • If you don't have a middle name on your passport please leave blank.
  • Must be exactly the same as your passport.
  • Must be exactly the same as your passport. (JR, SR, III)
  • Shipping Adddress*

    Very Important! Please enter a mailing address where we can ship your uniform 2-3 weeks prior to your departure date. If you move you will have the option to change your address later.

  • Please take your time and enter the correct birth date. This is also important for the airline ticket purchase.

  • It's important we have a good working email address. We use email for most communication regarding your tour. Make a friendly email address so you will be able to receive your statements and invoices.