AIST Esports

AIST has added esport select teams to our program in 2019. AIST is the first and only international sports tour company to offer these athletes the opportunity to participate in their sport internationally. This is a rapidly growing sport with over 124 colleges recognizing it as a varsity sport and still growing. We wanted to be able to provide our incredible international opportunities of combining sport with travel for esport athletes as well.  

Esports is a worldwide fast-growing sport with various game titles. Individuals, but also team sports are extremely popular. If you want to be the best at your sport it's important to compete at different levels as well as internationally to measure yourself versus the competition throughout the world. To help you reach a high level of play, AIST organizes foreign trips to play against teams abroad while representing the USA to gain more experience.

AIST has partnered up with The Main Event, the coolest esport and LAN event in Europe.  We hope you will consider joining us for this incredible event.