Covid-19 Update

Covid19 Travel Insurance:

For some tours to Europe, we will be able to offer an insurance that covers you for Covid19 issues on tour.  Click Here to view details of the policy.  The cost will be $50 USD per person.  The updated insurance policy will be similar to the document from 2021.  We will update this link once available.  

Covid19 Return to USA Testing:

For some tours to Europe, we will be offering the option to test for Covid19 for the return to the USA.  As of January 2022, this is still a requirement to enter the USA.  If you would like to add the testing to your tour package, please email  The cost is $85 and is fully refundable until 10 days prior to departure.



December 22, 2021

Merry Christmas!  Just a quick update to let you know, we are moving forward with AIST tours in 2022.  Our contacts abroad have informed us that it is highly unlikely countries will shut down due to Covid19.  The economies of these high tourist destinations will not be able to handle a shutdown financially.  We will work with our suppliers to ensure all protocols are followed and keep our passengers safe throughout your tour. 



Although countries may not require vaccination for entry, many hotels and attractions will be requiring full vaccination from Covid19.  If you prefer not to get vaccinated, we encourage you to consider waiting until 2023 to see if things are less restrictive.  These restrictions can change at any time.  

Covid19 Travel Insurance:

For some tours to Europe, we will be able to offer an insurance that covers you for Covid19 issues on tour.  Click Here to view details of the policy.  The cost will be $50 USD per person. 

We will continue to monitor the situation on travel over the next few months.  We look forward to having you on tour with us in 2022!


Covid19 Cancellation Policy Update:

In the event, Covid19 shuts down the country you are traveling to we will have the following Cancellation Policy:
  • 65 days prior to departure – Full Refund (Does not include airline fees that may apply)
  • 64 – 45 days prior to departure will incur a $250 cancellation fee (Does not include airline fees that may apply)
  • 45 – 0 days prior to departure – We will negotiate with suppliers to reduce cancellation fees as much as possible.  No ground package cancellation fee shall exceed $500 per person.  
Airline cancellation policies are separate due to restrictions by the airline companies.  In most cases, the airlines will not cancel a flight even if the countries are closed. They will only offer a voucher for future travel.  We will complete airline ticketing about 60 days prior to departure.  At that time, all payments will be made to the airlines in full.  At that time, we will be subject to airline cancellation policies.  


August 18, 2021

AIST and our international partners were able to successfully complete 3 tours in July of 2021.  We were able to enjoy Italy as one of the only sport tour companies operating in the summer of 2021 through Italy.  We found that many of our stops in Italy at top destinations such as Rome, Venice, Florence, Bologna, Cinque Terre, Como, Luca and Milan that we were the only tour bus in the city. 

This made for a very unique experience for our clients.  Everyone enjoyed the experience with no lines or crowds and it was an amazing month of travel.  Our groups were the first to arrive in many of the destinations since the beginning of the Pandemic.  Below are some links to videos from our tours.  We had the following teams travel and compete in Italy in 2021: 

College:  Softball, Field Hockey and Soccer

U19:  Softball and Girl’s Lacrosse

AIST Highlight Videos from 2021 Italy excursions:

Cinque Terre –
Florence –
Siena –
Rome –
Vatican and St. Peter’s –
Bellagio Boat Cruise –
Luca Bike Tour –


May 20, 2021

Please follow the recommendations from the CDC and WHO organizations regarding covid19.  AIST will be following all local guidelines for travel during the pandemic.  It will be each individuals responsibility to meet all coovid19 related restrictions and safety requirements during travel. 


CDC – Covid19 Guidelines


US Travel Advisory


November 17, 2020

Insurance Coverage during your 2021 tour with AIST

AIST is working with our international partners to include a free travel insurance for some AIST tours.  Below is a sample of some of the coverages we may be able to provide on certain tours.  This is a work in progress and we hope to be able to update all passengers with a more concrete solution in the near future.  

Click here to view the word document with details

November 11, 2020



We will update this policy as we know more about the travel conditions for 2021. Please see below some answers to questions regarding your tour and payments received for 2021 tours.


Current Policy as of November 10, 2020:

As of today, many of you are signed up for tours to destinations that are not accepting US tourists.  We are hoping to have more answers for you as the vaccine is released and we see a steady decrease in the covid19 cases around the world.  All payments are fully refundable for 2021 tours until we can confirm that travel will proceed as scheduled.  We anticipate being able to confirm the tours around 4 months prior to your departure.  If we are unable to confirm the destinations are open and safe, we will provide options for postponing or refunding.  If needed, the new dates will either be pushed back to later in the summer of 2021 or to the summer of 2022.  It will depend on the destination of each tour and local travel conditions. 


The policy in your contract states that payments are refundable until 150 days prior to departure.  However, we will push this back for some groups leaving in May and early June if we need additional time to see the situation with Covid19.  This will allow us as much time as possible to make sure it is safe to travel.  We will be re-confirming via email with all passengers before we move forward with any bookings that require a non-refundable deposit. 


Notice of Travel Conditions:

All passengers must understand that travel will be different during the pandemic.  There is the possibility that some sightseeing options and attractions may be closed or limited.  There may be instances that passengers who become sick on tour or test positive will have to quarantine at their own expense.  We are working on travel protocols to help passengers throughout the process.  We are working with our partners to establish safe quarantine accommodations that we can have our staff assist clients when needed.  These are things that will not be determined for some time as we monitor the situation. 


Covid19 Travel Insurance:

We recommend looking into travel insurance that will specifically cover Covid19 during your tour.  From my understanding there will be some options for this around the first of the new year.  Please do not purchase insurance until after we have confirmed the tour is a go.

Additional Information about your Upcoming tour with AIST 2021

Tour Update Links – Coming Soon:

You will be able to see more frequent updates to our tours in the coming weeks.  We will have tour update links for each tour where you can check on the travel rosters, flight details, tour itineraries, services included and other information about your tour.  We will be emailing each of you the private, password protect update links soon.  All update page links will be located at: You will also be able to follow our updates on Covid19 at:



Payments Due:

We ask that you continue to make payments as scheduled.  It will be important for us to be able to make payments promptly once we are able to confirm the tour will travel.  Your payment schedule is located in your invoice.  Payment options are located at




We recommend you start this process immediately if you have not done so already.  All passengers will need a valid passport to travel internationally.  Most countries require a minimum of 6 months remaining from your return date to be valid for travel.  Once you have your passport details, please provide them to AIST at  We would like to have all passport details collected 3 months prior to your departure if possible. 

We encourage each of you to stay positive and work together to help the world recover from this disaster.  Wear your mask, wash your hands and continue to social distance to help control the spread.  We look forward to making 2021 a great success!





October 21, 2020 

We are continuing to move forward with our travel groups for 2021.  All passengers can book with peace of mind knowing that payments are fully refundable until 150 days prior to departure for individual tours.  We will be contacting all participants to re-confirm their tour at that time.  We hope to know more in regards to travel internationally by February.  


Understand: Things Will Be Different

Be aware, travel will not be the same in 2021.  We recommend that you look for insurance options that cover Covid-19 during international travel.  It’s possible that passengers may be asked to leave the group if they are sick or showing symptoms of being sick.  Some countries or airlines may require 14 days of quarantine if you become sick on tour.  AIST will not be able to support passengers financially but we will have options in place to make sure our passengers are taken care of during their tour.  




April 7, 2020:

Due to the Coronavirus, AIST has postponed all 2020 summer tours for the safety of our passengers.  We will be working to refund all passengers who are unable to travel in 2021.  Although it may take some time, we will make every effort to give a full refund.  We appreciate your support and patience as we all work through these very difficult times.  Stay safe!